AMSCO Surgical 2080 IA Compatible Operating Table
AMSCO 2080 Manual Control Surgical Table

AMSCO Surgical 2080 IA Compatible Operating Table

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Product Overview

The 2080 Manual Control is a good all round general surgery table that has a track record of providing years of reliable service.

Key Features:

Great Versatility

The 2080 provides a full range of articulation, meeting the needs of virtually every general surgical procedure. The addition of the x-ray top mounted on the table top facilitates taking x-rays during the procedure.

Simple Operation

Despite being a manual operated table the controls are very easy to use and extremely intuitive.

Operating Controls:

Hand cranks and selectors requiring operator attention are all at the head-end of the table, easily accessible to the anesthetist.

Foot Pedals are easily actuated and clearly identified. They include:

Lock – to engage either the castors or locks with the floor.

Raise/Lower – to raise or lower the table top.

Table Top Positioning Controls are mounted at a convenient height on the tables main structure (arranged for simple foolproof actuation). After setting the selector for the desired movement, the table top is positioned by operating the crank handle. Selections include:


Reverse Trendelenburg

Back Raise/Lower

Lateral Tilt Left/Right

Foot Raise/Lower








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