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Cobe Brat 2

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Cobe Brat 2
Cobe Autologous Blood Recovery System
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Salvaging the patientís own blood has become a critical part of patient care, helping to save lives as well as offset the high cost of providing allogeneic blood.

The BRAT 2 Autologous Transfusion System processes blood faster than other systems, providing high hematocrit and excellent wash quality.

The BRAT 2 system can quickly process high volumes of blood without spilling red blood cells into the waste bag.

Additionally, custom programming options allow the user unparalleled flexibility in



Under the Real-world Conditions of an Emergency, a Better Designed System Can Make All the Difference

Features include:

1. Flat, clear lid with safety lock provides superb visibility of the blood flow into the bowl and gives the operator a flat surface to write on

2. Smaller profile fits well in any-size operating room

3. Ample storage area for additional supplies

4. Three position wheel locking mechanism maximizes mobility even around the tightest corners

5. Built-in Sorin Group USA, Inc. reservoir holder eliminates the need for additional holders

6. Easy-to-handle, elliptically shaped reservoir with clear lid for excellent blood and flow path visibility

7. Exclusive programmability gives you an unprecedented level of control

8. Patented Baylor Bowl technology

9. BRAT 2 CRIT-LINE Hematocrit Sampling System



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