Olympus ENF Flex Scope
Olympus ENF Type XP Flex Scope

Olympus ENF Flex Scope

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Featuring an ultra-slim insertion tube diameter of 2.2 mm, as well as high resolution optics and brightness, the new Olympus ENF-XP is optimally suited for observing narrow upper airway passages. It also makes observation of adult paranasal sinuses easier than ever, while its angulation range of 130° up and down enables easy and effective insertion manoeuvrability. For minimally invasive insertion and clear, reliable observation, depend on the ENF-XP rhino-laryngofibrescope for transnasal laryngoscopy- /vocal cord- / pharynx- and sinus procedures in adults and paediatrics.
Optical SystemField of view75°
Depth of field2.5-50 mm
Insertion TubeDistal end outer diameter1.8 mm
Insertion tube outer diameter2.2 mm
Working length300 mm
Bendind SectionAngulation rangeUp 130°, Down 130°
Total Length530 mm

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