Spacelabs Blease Sirius Anesthesia Machine
Spacelabs Blease Sirius

Spacelabs Blease Sirius Anesthesia Machine

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Patient Centered Ventilation
Healthcare Ventilators offer the latest in patient-centered ventilation, addressing your real-life clinical needs. Our enhancing ventilation across your range of patients and procedures. you interact with the Blease900 or Blease700 ventilators, both available with the BleaseSirius. A range of ventilation modes and waveform displays are available, enabling you to match your ventilator to your patient’s changing A ll Blease700 series ventilators offer Volume Control, Precision Pressure Control™ Ventilation (PPCV), and SIMIMV with Pressure Support. PPCV can enhance the performance, safety and precision of the ventilator by into and out of the ventilator drive system throughout the entire respiratory cycle. T he Blease900 series offers all the features of the Blease700 series, plus Advanced Pressure Support™ that matches each patient’s breathing cycle on an 8.4" full color display. Ventilation monitoring is equally important to track changes or complications during ventilation. Measured at the patient utilizing Proximal Flow Sensing, the ventilator can display, store and compare pressure and flow volume loops.

Electronic Flow Meter Option

• Instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient

• Traditional flow control and positioning of information

• Individual gas data available for export

Identifying key information quickly and easily is critical to your practice.

The dedicated display is positioned where you would find traditional

flow tubes, allowing you to instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient.

With traditional flow control for the Electronic Gas Flow Measurements,

you also retain the current "touch & feel" you are accustomed to.


Adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures

Frame, ventilator and mounting options provide the customization capabilities you have asked for.

High flow or low flow, circle or semi-open systems, BleaseSirius adapts. An easily accessible scavenging connection point and the option of a highly visible, clearly-marked secondary common gas outlet, let you convert to a non-rebreathing circuit quickly and without contaminating the working environment.

The adjustable bag arm and APLvalve, allow adjustment while maintaining focus on the patient.

BleaseSirius will integrate with your existing monitoring or, for the complete workstation experience, a range of innovative Spacelabs Healthcare anesthesia monitors.

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