DRE Waveline Pro Touch-Screen Anesthesia Monitor

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Superior performance with a high-resolution touch-screen

The DRE Waveline Pro displays as many as eight colorful waveforms on a crisp, high-resolution 15-inch touch-screen that optimizes the speed of patient care. The user can make quick screen adjustments, set default settings, alarm limits, and manage up to 72 hours of detailed patient data. Designed for a fast paced work environment, the Waveline Pro patient monitor offers an extremely simple and adaptable user interface. Patient information along with vital-signs settings can be quickly modified to meet the needs of a patient's changing condition, converting from a basic vital signs monitor, to a continuous bed side monitor, to an operating room monitor.

This patient monitor offers standard measurements of: non-invasive blood pressure, 3-lead or 5-lead ECG with arrhythmia detection, motion tolerant SpO2, Temperature, and Respiration rate. End-tidal CO2, Anesthetic Agent measurement, Cardiac Output and Invasive blood pressure are available options.

The Waveline Pro monitor offers several connective solutions to network multiple monitors and/or manage patient data on an electronic medical records platform or a HL7-based hospital information system. It offers Ethernet and RS-232 connections with an open source communication protocol, and it is HL7 compliant. The HL7 network protocol will allow for all patient information and vital sign trends to be transferred and stored on a hospital information system.

Capnography is outpacing Pulse Oximetry as the new standard of care in outpatient surgery procedures.

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