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Olympus CF Type Q160L Colonoscope

Part Number 86
Olympus CF Type Q160L Colonoscope
Olympus CF-Q160L Endoscope
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  • Type:Electronic Endoscope
  • Brand Name:Olympus
  • Model Number:CF-Q160L
  • Place of Origin:United States
  • Type of Scope:Colonoscope
  • Scope Series:160 Series
  • Angulation Range Up:180 Degrees
  • Angulation Range Down:180 Degrees
  • Angulation Range Right:160 Degrees
  • Angulation Range Left:160 Degrees
  • Insertion Tube Diameter:12.8mm
  • Instrument Channel Diameter:3.7mm
  • Working Length:168cm
  • Total Lengh:200cm Specifications

1. Type: Electronic Endoscope
2. Scope Series: 160 Series
3. Working Length: 168cm
4. Total Lengh: 200cm
5. Diameter: 12.8mm


Flexible Video Scopes: Olympus CF-Q160L Colonoscope


This Olympus CF-Q160L Colonoscope features a New Insertion Tube with a one year warranty.


1. Superior image quality with large display size provides enhanced details throughout the image plane,
2. When used in combination with the Olympus dedicated flushing pump and CV-160 video system center, a continuously clear view is ensured by an auxiliary water function that removes mucus and stool inside the colon at the touch of a switch on the scope,
3. Extra-wide 140 field of view and extensive 4-way angulation (180 up/down and 160 right/left). 3.7 mm diameter channel can handle a wide range of treatment requirements and provides high suction capability even when forceps are being used,
4. Ergonomically designed grip enhances scope maneuverability while redesigned easy-to-access knobs and user-selectable switches improve operability,
5. Fully compatible with the CV-160/140,
6. Scope ID function stores individual scope information and displays it on the monitor to facilitate endoscopy suite management.

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