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Sage Products Comfort Autoclave

Part Number 186
Sage Products Comfort Autoclave
Sage Products Comfort Autoclave PErsonal Cleansing Warmer
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Sage Comfort Autoclave (Used in Very Good Condition)

This unit is equipped with status indicators which are designed to provide information on the heating status of the packages in the unit.The status indicators allow you to know the difference between packages that have not been in the warmer long enough to reach the target temperature of 125F (51.67C) and those that have. It will also tell you which packages have been in the warmer for an extended period of time, so you can use those packages before others which have just been stocked that day it is a prompt that helps you keep your Comfort Personal Cleansing products fresh.


Utilization tracking feature allows you to see how many packages are being used. The warmer automatically records when a product is removed for use.

Adjustable temperature range of 100F to 125F helps you warm product to protocol specifications and patient comfort.

Additionally, the warmer is equipped with a protective device designed to turn the unit off in the event of overheating. It will remain inoperable until it has cooled.

Lighted indicators automatically show which products are warm and ready, and which ones are not. They even promote efficient "first in/first out" stock rotation.

Warmer is equipped with 28 slots for your products


Capacity: 28 individual packages, one per slot

Power Source 115V, 60 Hz, single phase

Heating System 115V AC

Fan Motor 115V AC motor, permanently lubricated

Status Indicator System 5 watts, 625mA, 8V DC

Target Product Temperature 125F 5F (51.67C 2.75C)

Ambient Operating Temperature 68 - 72F (20 - 22C)

Net Weight/Shipping Weight #7945: Approx. 52 lbs. (24kg)/Approx. 59 lbs. (27kg)

Outer Dimensions (H x W x D) 17.75" x 27.75" x 14.5" (45.085cm x 70.485cm x 36.83cm)

Degree of Protection against Ingress of Water Ordinary

Mode of Operation Suitable for Continuous Operation

Storage Temperature -22 - 150F (-30 - 65C)

Relative Humidity 50 - 70%

Characteristics Powder coated steel exterior, aluminum interior, surfaces and shelves



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